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Green background: Lincoln Farms-owned horses. Grey background: Other owners.

2023 – 2024 14 wins

Platinum Attack after his fourth win at Trentham. Platinum Attack after his fourth win at Trentham.
Lincoln's KruzMay 5Awapuni synthetic
Lincoln KingApril 7Ballarat
Billy LincolnApril 6Pukekohe
Platinum AttackApril 6Trentham
Billy LincolnMarch 16Trentham
Platinum AttackMarch 9Trentham
Billy LincolnFebruary 28Hastings
Platinum AttackFebruary 24Otaki
Lincoln FallsFebruary 24Otaki
Platinum AttackFebruary 6Tauherenikau
Lincoln LadySeptember 3Hawera
Father LenihanAugust 31Riccarton synthetic
Platinum SpiritAugust 13Coleraine
Lincoln LadyAugust 6Hawera

2022 – 2023 15 wins

Platinum Invador’s Auckland Cup by a neck. Platinum Invador’s Auckland Cup by a neck.
Lincoln LadyJuly 20Hastings
Lincoln LadyJuly 5Rotorua
Fabian HawkJune 10Awapuni
Fabian HawkMay 20Awapuni
Lincoln RocksApril 29Hastings
Fabian HawkApril 6Wanganui
Platinum InvadorMarch 11Pukekohe
Lincoln StarMarch 11Pukekohe
Lincoln CountyFebruary 18Ascot Park
Lincoln's KruzJanuary 21Trentham
Lincoln CountyJanuary 1Riverton
Platinum SpiritDecember 2Moonee Valley
Lincoln's KruzNovember 5Riccarton
Platinum SpiritOctober 30Mornington

2021 – 2022 17 wins

Lincoln King bags the $300,000 Wellington Cup. Lincoln King bags the $300,000 Wellington Cup.
Platinum RoadJune 30Riccarton
Lincoln LoverJune 24Otaki
Platinum BordeauxJune 4Waverley
Platinum PetalsMay 19Riccarton synthetic
Lincoln StarApril 8Awapuni
Platinum AssaultApril 1Waverley
Lincoln RocksApril 1Waverley
Lincoln HillsFebruary 10Invercargill
Lincoln KingJanuary 29Trentham
Lincoln's KruzJanuary 2Tauherenikau
Lincoln StarDecember 18Awapuni
Lincoln's KruzNovember 4Otaki
Master LincolnOctober 27Gore
Platinum MachineOctober 24Trentham
Benny LincolnOctober 10Invercargill
Louie LincolnOctober 10Invercargill
Platinum BordeauxSeptember 25Awapuni

2020 – 2021 13 wins

Lincoln Falls scores a terrific fresh-up win at Awapuni. Lincoln Falls scores a terrific fresh-up win at Awapuni.
Master LincolnMay 28Wingatui
Benny LincolnApril 3Riverton
Lincoln's KruzMarch 20Trentham
Lincoln TownMarch 14Grafton
Platinum PetalsJanuary 14Wanganui
Lincoln HanoverJanuary 14Wanganui
Platinum SpiritJanuary 4Otaki
Lincoln's KruzJanuary 2Tauherenikau
Lincoln FallsDecember 19Awapuni
Lincoln TownDecember 9Hastings
Lincoln StarNovember 5Otaki
Lincoln KingOctober 10Matamata
Lincoln HillsSeptember 19Hastings

2019 – 2020 15 wins

Platinum Invador cruises home in the City Of Auckland Cup at Ellerslie. Platinum Invador cruises home in the City Of Auckland Cup at Ellerslie.
Lincoln KingJanuary 12Ellerslie
Platinum InvadorJanuary 1Ellerslie
Lincoln HillsDecember 26Awapuni
Lincoln FuryDecember 20Otaki
Platinum RoadDecember 7Trentham
Lincoln RaiderDecember 7Trentham
Lincoln KingNovember 30Ellerslie
Lincoln KingNovember 12Te Aroha
Lincoln GreenNovember 2Awapuni
Princess AmelieOctober 26Trentham
Father LenihanOctober 12Hawera
Princess AmelieOctober 3Waverley
Platinum DubaiSeptember 26Otaki
Lincoln DreamerAugust 18Wanganui
Platinum RapperAugust 7Riccarton

2018 – 2019 27 wins

Platinum Spirit powers down the outside fence at Trentham. Platinum Spirit powers down the outside fence at Trentham.
Platinum VolosJuly 27Otaki
Platinum SpiritJune 8Trentham
Johnny LincolnMay 30Awapuni
Lincoln's CommandMay 30Awapuni
Platinum RapperMay 25Trentham
Lincoln HillsMay 18Awapuni
Lincoln KingApril 25Avondale
Lincoln GreenApril 10Otaki
Miss OahuMarch 28Waipukurau
Lincoln FuryMarch 9Trentham
Platinum RapperMarch 8Otaki
Lincoln HillsMarch 1Awapuni
Platinum InvadorFebruary 23Otaki
Platinum InvadorJanuary 7Otaki
Father LenihanJanuary 5Awapuni
Platinum InvadorDecember 20Otaki
LIncoln SkyDecember 20Awapuni
Lincoln StarDecember 15Awapuni
Lincoln RaiderDecember 8Trentham
Lincoln FallsDecember 8Trentham
Kamanda LincolnNovember 17Riccarton
Father LenihanNovember 3Awapuni
Lincoln RaiderOctober 27Trentham
Princess AmelieOctober 27Trentham
Lincoln MelodyOctober 21Otaki
Princess AmelieSeptember 22Hastings
Lincoln FallsSeptember 14Woodville

2017 – 2018 23 wins

Kamanda Lincoln … showed his staying promise at Riccarton Kamanda Lincoln … showed his staying promise at Riccarton
Platinum CommandAugust 4Riccarton
Platinum EditionMay 31Awapuni
Platinum CommandMay 26Trentham
Manhattan StreetMay 19Awapuni
Platinum RapperMay 19Awapuni
Father LenihanMay 6Wanganui
Master LincolnApril 12Waverley
Lincoln StarApril 12Waverley
Lincoln's SecretMarch 25Tauherenikau
Princess AmelieMarch 25Tauherenikau
Lincoln RaiderMarch 22Waipukurau
Miss OahuMarch 1Hastings
Lincoln MelodyFebruary 6Tauherenikau
Miss OahuJanuary 25Woodville
Platinum Mam'selleJanuary 13Trentham
Denny's LincolnDecember 26Awapuni
Lincoln's GalDecember 26Awapuni
Kamanda LincolnNovember 15Riccarton
Kamanda LincolnNovember 3New Plymouth
Platinum VolosOctober 28Trentham
Platinum CommandSeptember 23Riccarton
Platinum VolosSeptember 21Wanganui
Dreams Of PlatinumAugust 24Woodville

2016 – 2017 21 wins

Lincoln Blue bagged the Group III Wellington Stakes Lincoln Blue bagged the Group III Wellington Stakes
Princess MaryanneJuly 20Hastings
Almo StreetJuly 1Hastings
Jimmy LincolnApril 29Hastings
Lincoln HillsMarch 26Tauherenikau
O'Reilly's DancerFebruary 1Hastings
Platinum DragonFebruary 1Hastings
Captain LincolnJanuary 28Trentham
Princess BelleJanuary 21Trentham
Princess BelleJanuary 14Trentham
Platinum ExpressJanuary 1Hastings
Kamanda LincolnDecember 26Awapuni
Captain LincolnDecember 18Awapuni
Lincoln BlueDecember 11Ellerslie
Platinum ExpressDecember 10Awapuni
Lincoln BlueNovember 25Otaki
Captain LincolnNovember 19Awapuni
Almo StreetNovember 18New Plymouth
Reilly LincolnNovember 9Riccarton
Lincoln BlueOctober 13Woodville
Reilly LincolnSeptember 17Hastings
Lincoln BayAugust 6Riccarton

2015 – 2016 30 wins

Manhattan Sreet … dominant Ryder Stakes winner Manhattan Sreet … dominant Ryder Stakes winner
Manhattan StreetJuly 30Otaki
Platinum CommandJuly 16Trentham
Platinum CommandJuly 9Awapuni
Manhattan StreetJuly 9Awapuni
Master PlatinumJuly 7Wanganui
Manhattan StreetJune 24Otaki
Rod's LincolnJune 16Wanganui
Princess BelleJune 6Tauherenikau
Lincoln BayJune 4Wanganui
Platinum CommandMay 28Trentham
Platinum CommandMay 21Awapuni
O'Reilly's DancerMay 19Hastings
O'Reilly's DancerMarch 26Tauherenikau
Captain LincolnMarch 20Waipukurau
Platinum ExpressMarch 4Awapuni
Johnny LincolnFebruary 18Wanganui
Platinum BalosFebruary 13Awapuni
Platinum DivaFebruary 8Wairarapa
Reilly LincolnJanuary 9Awapuni
Lincoln's LegacyJanuary 2Wairarapa
Platinum ValenceDecember 27New Plymouth
Lincoln's SunsetDecember 19Awapuni
Lincoln's SunsetNovember 18Woodville
Platinum ExpressOctober 26Woodville
Reilly LincolnOctober 24Trentham
Platinum BalosOctober 24Trentham
Platinum WitnessOctober 10Hawera
Reilly LincolnOctober 10Hawera
Platinum SongOctober 8Wairarapa
Rod's LincolnAugust16Wanganui

2014 – 2015 25 wins

Platinum Witness won four races in the season including the Group I 1000 Guineas at Riccarton Platinum Witness won four races in the season including the Group I 1000 Guineas at Riccarton
Rod's LincolnJuly 2Wanganui
Lincoln ParkJune 11Wanganui
Rod's LincolnJune 11Wanganui
Princess SiennaMay 30Wanganui
Lincoln SunMay 7Hastings
Platinum CommandMay 2Riccarton
Platinum CommandMarch 31Riccarton
Platinum WitnessFebruary28Hastings
Platinum ExpressFebruary 28Hastings
Stunning PrincessFebruary 28Hastings
Reilly LincolnFebruary 7Awapuni
Platinum DragonFebruary 6Wairarapa
Stunning PrincessJanuary 31Te Rapa
Platinum WitnessJanuary 24Trentham
Reilly LincolnJanuary 19Trentham
I'llbeyourplatinumJanuary 2Wairarapa
Platinum CommandJanuary 2Wairarapa
Stunning PrincessJanuary 2Wairarapa
Platinum LincolnDecember 7Tauherenikau
Jackson StreetNovember 22Awapuni
Platinum WitnessNovember 15Riccarton
Rod's LincolnNovember 4Otaki
Platinum WitnessOctober 25Riccarton
Lincoln InnSeptember 4Otaki
Lincoln InnAugust 17Wanganui

2013 – 2014 15 wins

King Kamada … Summer Cup winner at Trentham King Kamada … Summer Cup winner at Trentham
Lincoln StreetJuly 17Hastings
RoadtoplatinumMay 29Awapuni
Rod's LincolnMay 8Wanganui
Stunning PrincessApril 26Trentham
Lady PlatinumApril 3Otaki
Platinum LincolnMarch 29Awapuni
Jack's PointMarch 1Hastings
King KamadaJanuary 25Trentham
Abraham LincolnJanuary 11Newcastle
Colonel LincolnDecember 19Otaki
Platinum MarseilleDecember 18Waipukurau
King KamadaNovember 16Riccarton
Princess LincolnOctober 26Trentham
Lucy LincolnOctober 10Wairarapa
King KamadaSeptember 21Hastings

2012 – 2013 25 wins

Jackson StreetJune 28Waimate
Platinum KingdomMay 18Doomben
AdidazlerMay 10Timaru
Platinum KingdomApril 20Randwick
Jack's PointApril 13Trentham
Lincoln's GirlApril 11Timaru
Lieutenant LincolnApril 5Otaki
Lady De ChineApril 5Otaki
Miss LincolnMarch 22Tauherenikau
Platinum KingdomMarch 16Trentham
Platinum KingdomFebruary 16Ascot Park
Platinum KingdomFebruary 28Wingatui
Corporal LincolnJanuary 12Ellerslie
Platinum KingdomJanuary 4Otaki
Jack's PointDecember 26Awapuni
Abraham LincolnDecember 22Awapuni
Major LincolnDecember 20Otaki
Abraham LincolnDecember 8Trentham
Lady PlatinumNovember 24Tauherenikau
Phantom StormNovember 10Riccarton
King KamadaNovember 6Otaki
AdidazlerOctober 28Riccarton
Platinum KingdomOctober 8Woodville
Princess LincolnAugust 4Riccarton
Platinum LincolnAugust 4Riccarton

2011 – 2012 22 wins

Princess LincolnJuly 7Awapuni
Princess LincolnJune 14Wanganui
Jack's PointMay 19Awapuni
Platinum KingdomMay 5Riccarton
Madam LincolnMay 5Riccarton
AdidazlerApril 19Woodville
Za PakApril 13Awapuni
Platinum KingdomApril 13Awapuni
General LincolnApril 10Otaki
JustanexcuseApril 7Te Aroha
Lady PlatinumFebruary 23Woodville
Madam LincolnFebruary 15Riccarton
Lady De ChineJanuary 19New Plymouth
Platinum PrincessJanuary 1Ellerslie
JustanexcuseDecember 17Awapuni
Platinum DancerNovember 25Otaki
JustanexcuseNovember 12Riccarton
Platinum PrincessNovember 9Riccarton
Platinum PrincessOctober 23Riccarton
President LincolnOctober 22Trentham
President LincolnOctober 7Trentham
Platinum StreetSeptember 28Awapuni

2010 – 2011 23 wins

Lincoln Farms’ biggest payday is coming up as Fort Lincoln turns on a dazzling rails sprint to win the Karaka Million at Ellerslie Lincoln Farms’ biggest payday is coming up as Fort Lincoln turns on a dazzling rails sprint to win the Karaka Million at Ellerslie
Cordova BayAugust 6Riccarton
Cordova BayJune 4Wanganui
Margarets OwnApril 16Trentham
Platinum PrincessMarch 26Riccarton
Phantom StormMarch 19Trentham
Phantom StormFebruary 12Te Rapa
Miss LincolnFebruary 6Wairarapa
Miss AnnalieseFebruary 3Wanganui
Fort LincolnJanuary 30Ellerslie
JustanexcuseJanuary 29Trentham
Platinum PrincessJanuary 2Wairarapa
Jack's PointDecember 26Awapuni
JustanexcuseDecember 18Awapuni
Cordova BayDecember 11Awapuni
Platinum PrincessNovember 6Riccarton
Phantom StormOctober 30Awapuni
Jack's PointOctober 23Trentham
JustanexcuseOctober 23Trentham
Platinum PrincessOctober 16Wanganui
Platinum DancerOctober 14Hastings
Fort LincolnOctober 7Otaki
Jack's PointAugust 14Riccarton
JustanexcuseAugust 7Riccarton

2009 – 2010 14 wins

Cordova BayJune 5Wanganui
Jack's PointMay 29Trentham
Cordova BayMay 27Hastings
JustanexcuseMay 22Awapuni
Jack's PointApril 22Woodville
Ben HoganApril 17Trentham
Margarets OwnMarch 28Tauherenikau
Ben HoganMarch 6Hastings
Cordova BayFebruary 25Woodville
Platinum DancerFebruary 13Awapuni
Margarets OwnFebruary 4Wanganui
Platinum PrincessJanuary 30Trentham
Sun RulerDecember 19Te Rapa
Phantom StormDecember 17Otaki

2008 – 2009 9 wins

Samantha JaneJune 21Otaki
JustanexcuseMay 30Tauherenikau
Sun RulerApril 24Avondale
JustanexcuseApril 11Trentham
Samantha JaneFebruary 20Otaki
Princess AnnalieseFebruary 9Wairarapa
Mary EllenJanuary 1Hastings
Samantha JaneNovember 4Trentham
Ben HoganSeptember 20Hastings

2007 – 2008 6 wins

Blue CanyonApril 26Tauherenikau
Princess AnnalieseApril 19Hastings
Platinum SlipperJanuary 26Trentham
Platinum ToulouseJanuary 12Awapuni
Princess AnnalieseJanuary 1Hastings
Princess ToulouseDecember 26Awapuni

2006 – 2007 12 wins

Ben HoganJuly 22Timaru
Deep Under CoverJune 23Otaki
Ben HoganApril 7Trentham
Wailea MissFebruary 6Wairarapa
Samantha JaneJanuary 1Hastings
Mary EllenJanuary 1Hastings
Mikki StreetDecember 26Ellerslie
Platinum SlipperDecember 23Awapuni
SurreyAugust 17Woodville
Ben HoganAugust 12Riccarton
Mikki StreetAugust 5Riccarton
Ben HoganAugust 5Riccarton

2005 – 2006 7 wins

SurreyJuly 29Otaki
Ben HoganJune 10Trentham
Idaho BoyMarch 11Hastings
Platinum SlipperFebruary 25Otaki
Mary EllenNovember 9Riccarton
Mikki StreetOctober 23Riccarton
Lyns GirlSeptember 3Wanganui

2004 – 2005 15 wins

Idaho BoyMay 21Awapuni
Idaho BoyApril 23Hastings
LeucharsApril 2Te Rapa
Lyns GirlMarch 24Awapuni
Platinum SlipperMarch 10Awapuni
Sleepy TrippFebruary 5Awapuni
Samantha JaneJanuary 8Woodville
MIkki StreetDecember 18Awapuni
Mary EllenNovember 25Otaki
Sleepy TrippNovember 11Awapuni
Mikki StreetNovember 9Otaki
Mikki StreetOctober 21Wanganui
Pinot GrisSeptember 11Awapuni
Sleepy TrippAugust 14Riccarton
Chipper JonesAugust 11Riccarton

2003 – 2004 8 wins

LeucharsApril 17Hastings
Omaha LodgeApril 10Otaki
Omaha LodgeMarch 13Trentham
Lyns GirlNovember 1Awapuni
Chipper JonesOctober 18Hawera
Chipper JonesAugust 9Riccarton
Chipper JonesAugust 6Riccarton
Tuscany WarriorAugust 2Riccarton

2002 – 2003 12 wins

Chipper JonesMay 17Awapuni
Sleepy TrippMarch 22Ellerslie
Royal EmeraldFebruary 15Trentham
Sleepy TrippFebruary 6Ellerslie
Lady AnnalieseDecember 21Awapuni
Lyns GirlDecember 21Awapuni
Royal EmeraldNovember 30Wanganui
Tuscany WarriorOctober 26Trentham
Sleepy TrippOctober 26Ellerslie
Lyns GirlSeptember 26Awapuni
Tuscany WarriorSeptember 7Awapuni
Sleepy TrippAugust 28Avondale

2001 – 2002 7 wins

Tuscany WarriorJuly 20New Plymouth
Tuscany WarriorJuly 11Wanganui
Chipper JonesJune 22Otaki
Stark InnDecember 22Awapuni
Tuscany WarriorDecember 22Awapuni
Royal EmeraldDecember 15Awapuni
Royal EmeraldNovember 11Wairarapa

2000 – 2001 8 wins

White EagleFebruary 21Trentham
White EagleJanuary 29Avondale
Sleepy TrippJanuary 13Avondale
Sleepy TrippJanuary 2Ellerslie
Emblem's QuestDecember 26Awapuni
Emblem's QuestDecember 21Otaki
OmearaDecember 21Otaki
Royal EmeraldSeptember 28Awapuni

1999 – 2000 6 wins

DelaneyJune 29Wanganui
Emblem's QuestJune 24Hastings
ResonareMarch 4Trentham
KananaskisJanuary 24Trentham
ResonareJanuary 15Awapuni
Emerald HillsOctober 25Trentham

1998 – 1999 11 wins

Southern HillsJuly 3Avondale
KananaskisJune 24Otaki
KananaskisMay 15Awapuni
DelaneyMay 15Rotorua
ResonareMarch 20Awapuni
Emblem's QuestMarch 14Pukekohe
ResonareJanuary 16Awapuni
KananaskisJanuary 16Awapuni
DelaneyJanuary 4Thames
ResonareJanuary 2Wairarapa
Shinnecock HillsNovember 7Te Rapa

1997 – 1998 6 wins

Southern HillsJuly 8Trentham
Shinnecock HillsMay 16Te Rapa
DelaneyMay 13Avondale
Shinnecock HillsMay 6Ellerslie
DelaneyFebruary 11Avondale
Shinnecock HillsJanuary 24Ellerslie

1996 – 1997 1 wins

Shinnecock HillsApril 7Avondale

1995 – 1996 1 wins

Weekend WarriorNovember 7Ellerslie

1994 – 1995 2 wins

Weekend WarriorNovember 26Ellerslie
Weekend WarriorNovember 12Te Rapa

1993 – 1994 3 wins

Weekend WarriorApril 13Avondale
Weekend WarriorDecember 1Avondale
Weekend WarriorSeptember 15Avondale

Our runners this week: How our trainers rate them

Lisa Latta

Lisa’s comments

Saturday at Trentham

Race 5: Lincoln Towers

“His run at Woodville had more merit than it looked and he has improved a ton with the run. The track is a heavy 9 which will be interesting as the US Navy Flags do tend to go a bit better with a bit of moisture around. From two, Jonathan Riddell is going to be able to position up nicely without doing any work and I am expecting him to go a lot better providing he handles the wetter track.”

Peter Didham

Peter’s comments

Sunday at Woodville

Race 7: Fabian Hawk

“I was hoping the track would be downgraded from soft, not improve, but at this stage he’ll run. You need to be hard fit when you’re going into the heavy winter tracks. His work has been terrific and I thought he’d win his last start but he had an excuse.”