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315 wins

Gallops winners by season

2018 – 2019 2 wins

Lincoln Falls cruised to the line on debut at Woodville Lincoln Falls cruised to the line on debut at Woodville
Princess Amelie September 22 Hastings
Lincoln Falls September 14 Woodville

2017 – 2018 23 wins

Kamanda Lincoln … showed his staying promise at Riccarton Kamanda Lincoln … showed his staying promise at Riccarton
Platinum Command August 4 Riccarton
Platinum Edition May 31 Awapuni
Platinum Command May 26 Trentham
Manhattan Street May 19 Awapuni
Platinum Rapper May 19 Awapuni
Father Lenihan May 6 Wanganui
Master Lincoln April 12 Waverley
Lincoln Star April 12 Waverley
Lincoln's Secret March 25 Tauherenikau
Princess Amelie March 25 Tauherenikau
Lincoln Raider March 22 Waipukurau
Miss Oahu March 1 Hastings
Lincoln Melody February 6 Tauherenikau
Miss Oahu January 25 Woodville
Platinum Mam'selle January 13 Trentham
Denny's Lincoln December 26 Awapuni
Lincoln's Gal December 26 Awapuni
Kamanda Lincoln November 15 Riccarton
Kamanda Lincoln November 3 New Plymouth
Platinum Volos October 28 Trentham
Platinum Command September 23 Riccarton
Platinum Volos September 21 Wanganui
Dreams Of Platinum August 24 Woodville

2016 – 2017 21 wins

Lincoln Blue bagged the Group III Wellington Stakes Lincoln Blue bagged the Group III Wellington Stakes
Princess Maryanne July 20 Hastings
Almo Street July 1 Hastings
Jimmy Lincoln April 29 Hastings
Lincoln Hills March 26 Tauherenikau
O'Reilly's Dancer February 1 Hastings
Platinum Dragon February 1 Hastings
Captain Lincoln January 28 Trentham
Princess Belle January 21 Trentham
Princess Belle January 14 Trentham
Platinum Express January 1 Hastings
Kamanda Lincoln December 26 Awapuni
Captain Lincoln December 18 Awapuni
Lincoln Blue December 11 Ellerslie
Platinum Express December 10 Awapuni
Lincoln Blue November 25 Otaki
Captain Lincoln November 19 Awapuni
Almo Street November 18 New Plymouth
Reilly Lincoln November 9 Riccarton
Lincoln Blue October 13 Woodville
Reilly Lincoln September 17 Hastings
Lincoln Bay August 6 Riccarton

2015 – 2016 30 wins

Manhattan Sreet … dominant Ryder Stakes winner Manhattan Sreet … dominant Ryder Stakes winner
Manhattan Street July 30 Otaki
Platinum Command July 16 Trentham
Platinum Command July 9 Awapuni
Manhattan Street July 9 Awapuni
Master Platinum July 7 Wanganui
Manhattan Street June 24 Otaki
Rod's Lincoln June 16 Wanganui
Princess Belle June 6 Tauherenikau
Lincoln Bay June 4 Wanganui
Platinum Command May 28 Trentham
Platinum Command May 21 Awapuni
O'Reilly's Dancer May 19 Hastings
O'Reilly's Dancer March 26 Tauherenikau
Captain Lincoln March 20 Waipukurau
Platinum Express March 4 Awapuni
Johnny Lincoln February 18 Wanganui
Platinum Balos February 13 Awapuni
Platinum Diva February 8 Wairarapa
Reilly Lincoln January 9 Awapuni
Lincoln's Legacy January 2 Wairarapa
Platinum Valence December 27 New Plymouth
Lincoln's Sunset December 19 Awapuni
Lincoln's Sunset November 18 Woodville
Platinum Express October 26 Woodville
Reilly Lincoln October 24 Trentham
Platinum Balos October 24 Trentham
Platinum Witness October 10 Hawera
Reilly Lincoln October 10 Hawera
Platinum Song October 8 Wairarapa
Rod's Lincoln August16 Wanganui

2014 – 2015 25 wins

Platinum Witness won four races in the season including the Group I 1000 Guineas at Riccarton Platinum Witness won four races in the season including the Group I 1000 Guineas at Riccarton
Rod's Lincoln July 2 Wanganui
Lincoln Park June 11 Wanganui
Rod's Lincoln June 11 Wanganui
Princess Sienna May 30 Wanganui
Lincoln Sun May 7 Hastings
Platinum Command May 2 Riccarton
Platinum Command March 31 Riccarton
Platinum Witness February28 Hastings
Platinum Express February 28 Hastings
Stunning Princess February 28 Hastings
Reilly Lincoln February 7 Awapuni
Platinum Dragon February 6 Wairarapa
Stunning Princess January 31 Te Rapa
Platinum Witness January 24 Trentham
Reilly Lincoln January 19 Trentham
I'llbeyourplatinum January 2 Wairarapa
Platinum Command January 2 Wairarapa
Stunning Princess January 2 Wairarapa
Platinum Lincoln December 7 Tauherenikau
Jackson Street November 22 Awapuni
Platinum Witness November 15 Riccarton
Rod's Lincoln November 4 Otaki
Platinum Witness October 25 Riccarton
Lincoln Inn September 4 Otaki
Lincoln Inn August 17 Wanganui

2013 – 2014 16 wins

King Kamada … Summer Cup winner at Trentham King Kamada … Summer Cup winner at Trentham
Lincoln Street July 17 Hastings
Roadtoplatinum May 29 Awapuni
Rod's Lincoln May 8 Wanganui
Stunning Princess April 26 Trentham
Lady Platinum April 3 Otaki
Platinum Lincoln March 29 Awapuni
Jack's Point March 1 Hastings
King Kamada January 25 Trentham
Abraham Lincoln January 11 Newcastle
Colonel Lincoln December 19 Otaki
Platinum Marseille December 18 Waipukurau
King Kamada November 16 Riccarton
Princess Lincoln October 26 Trentham
Lucy Lincoln October 10 Wairarapa
Messines October 5 Riuc
King Kamada September 21 Hastings

2012 – 2013 25 wins

Jackson Street June 28 Waimate
Platinum Kingdom May 18 Doomben
Adidazler May 10 Timaru
Platinum Kingdom April 20 Randwick
Jack's Point April 13 Trentham
Lincoln's Girl April 11 Timaru
Lieutenant Lincoln April 5 Otaki
Lady De Chine April 5 Otaki
Miss Lincoln March 22 Tauherenikau
Platinum Kingdom March 16 Trentham
Platinum Kingdom February 16 Ascot Park
Platinum Kingdom February 28 Wingatui
Corporal Lincoln January 12 Ellerslie
Platinum Kingdom January 4 Otaki
Jack's Point December 26 Awapuni
Abraham Lincoln December 22 Awapuni
Major Lincoln December 20 Otaki
Abraham Lincoln December 8 Trentham
Lady Platinum November 24 Tauherenikau
Phantom Storm November 10 Riccarton
King Kamada November 6 Otaki
Adidazler October 28 Riccarton
Platinum Kingdom October 8 Woodville
Princess Lincoln August 4 Riccarton
Platinum Lincoln August 4 Riccarton

2011 – 2012 22 wins

Princess Lincoln July 7 Awapuni
Princess Lincoln June 14 Wanganui
Jack's Point May 19 Awapuni
Platinum Kingdom May 5 Riccarton
Madam Lincoln May 5 Riccarton
Adidazler April 19 Woodville
Za Pak April 13 Awapuni
Platinum Kingdom April 13 Awapuni
General Lincoln April 10 Otaki
Justanexcuse April 7 Te Aroha
Lady Platinum February 23 Woodville
Madam Lincoln February 15 Riccarton
Lady De Chine January 19 New Plymouth
Platinum Princess January 1 Ellerslie
Justanexcuse December 17 Awapuni
Plationum Dancer November 25 Otaki
Justanexcuse November 12 Riccarton
Platinum Princess November 9 Riccarton
Platinum Princess October 23 Riccarton
President Lincoln October 22 Trentham
President Lincoln October 7 Trentham
Platinum Street September 28 Awapuni

2010 – 2011 23 wins

Lincoln Farms’ biggest payday is coming up as Fort Lincoln turns on a dazzling rails sprint to win the Karaka Million at Ellerslie Lincoln Farms’ biggest payday is coming up as Fort Lincoln turns on a dazzling rails sprint to win the Karaka Million at Ellerslie
Cordova Bay August 6 Riccarton
Cordova Bay June 4 Wanganui
Margarets Own April 16 Trentham
Platinum Princess March 26 Riccarton
Phantom Storm March 19 Trentham
Phantom Storm February 12 Te Rapa
Miss Lincoln February 6 Wairarapa
Miss Annaliese February 3 Wanganui
Fort Lincoln January 30 Ellerslie
Justanexcuse January 29 Trentham
Platinum Princess January 2 Wairarapa
Jack's Point December 26 Awapuni
Justanexcuse December 18 Awapuni
Cordova Bay December 11 Awapuni
Platinum Princess November 6 Riccarton
Phantom Storm October 30 Awapuni
Jack's Point October 23 Trentham
Justanexcuse October 23 Trentham
Platinum Princess October 16 Wanganui
Platinum Dancer October 14 Hastings
Fort Lincoln October 7 Otaki
Jack's Point August 14 Riccarton
Justanexcuse August 7 Riccarton

2009 – 2010 14 wins

Cordova Bay June 5 Wanganui
Jack's Point May 29 Trentham
Cordova Bay May 27 Hastings
Justanexcuse May 22 Awapuni
Jack's Point April 22 Woodville
Ben Hogan April 17 Trentham
Margarets Own March 28 Tauherenikau
Ben Hogan March 6 Hastings
Cordova Bay February 25 Woodville
Platinum Dancer February 13 Awapuni
Margarets Own February 4 Wanganui
Platinum Princess January 30 Trentham
Sun Ruler December 19 Te Rapa
Phantom Storm December 17 Otaki

2008 – 2009 9 wins

Samantha Jane June 21 Otaki
Justanexcuse May 30 Tauherenikau
Sun Ruler April 24 Avondale
Justanexcuse April 11 Trentham
Samantha Jane February 20 Otaki
Princess Annaliese February 9 Wairarapa
Mary Ellen January 1 Hastings
Samantha Jane November 4 Trentham
Ben Hogan September 20 Hastings

2007 – 2008 6 wins

Blue Canyon April 26 Tauherenikau
Princess Annaliese April 19 Hastings
Platinum Slipper January 26 Trentham
Platinum Toulouse January 12 Awapuni
Princess Annaliese January 1 Hastings
Princess Toulouse December 26 Awapuni

2006 – 2007 12 wins

Ben Hogan July 22 Timaru
Deep Under Cover June 23 Otaki
Ben Hogan April 7 Trentham
Wailea Miss February 6 Wairarapa
Samantha Jane January 1 Hastings
Mary Ellen January 1 Hastings
Mikki Street December 26 Ellerslie
Platinum Slipper December 23 Awapuni
Surrey August 17 Woodville
Ben Hogan August 12 Riccarton
Mikki Street August 5 Riccarton
Ben Hogan August 5 Riccarton

2005 – 2006 7 wins

Surrey July 29 Otaki
Ben Hogan June 10 Trentham
Idaho Boy March 11 Hastings
Platinum Slipper February 25 Otaki
Mary Ellen November 9 Riccarton
Mikki Street October 23 Riccarton
Lyns Girl September 3 Wanganui

2004 – 2005 15 wins

Idaho Boy May 21 Awapuni
Idaho Boy April 23 Hastings
Leuchars April 2 Te Rapa
Lyns Girl March 24 Awapuni
Platinum Slipper March 10 Awapuni
Sleepy Tripp February 5 Awapuni
Samantha Jane January 8 Woodville
MIkki Street December 18 Awapuni
Mary Ellen November 25 Otaki
Sleepy Tripp November 11 Awapuni
Mikki Street November 9 Otaki
Mikki Street October 21 Wanganui
Pinot Gris September 11 Awapuni
Sleepy Tripp August 14 Riccarton
Chipper Jones August 11 Riccarton

2003 – 2004 8 wins

Leuchars April 17 Hastings
Omaha Lodge April 10 Otaki
Omaha Lodge March 13 Trentham
Lyns Girl November 1 Awapuni
Chipper Jones October 18 Hawera
Chipper Jones August 9 Riccarton
Chipper Jones August 6 Riccarton
Tuscany Warrior August 2 Riccarton

2002 – 2003 12 wins

Chipper Jones May 17 Awapuni
Sleepy Tripp March 22 Ellerslie
Royal Emerald February 15 Trentham
Sleepy Tripp February 6 Ellerslie
Lady Annaliese December 21 Awapuni
Lyns Girl December 21 Awapuni
Royal Emerald November 30 Wanganui
Tuscany Warrior October 26 Trentham
Sleepy Tripp October 26 Ellerslie
Lyns Girl September 26 Awapuni
Tuscany Warrior September 7 Awapuni
Sleepy Tripp August 28 Avondale

2001 – 2002 7 wins

Tuscany Warrior July 20 New Plymouth
Tuscany Warrior July 11 Wanganui
Chipper Jones June 22 Otaki
Stark Inn December 22 Awapuni
Tuscany Warrior December 22 Awapuni
Royal Emerald December 15 Awapuni
Royal Emerald November 11 Wairarapa

2000 – 2001 8 wins

White Eagle February 21 Trentham
White Eagle January 29 Avondale
Sleepy Tripp January 13 Avondale
Sleepy Tripp January 2 Ellerslie
Emblem's Quest December 26 Awapuni
Emblem's Quest December 21 Otaki
Omeara December 21 Otaki
Royal Emerald September 28 Awapuni

1999 – 2000 6 wins

Delaney June 29 Wanganui
Emblem's Quest June 24 Hastings
Resonare March 4 Trentham
Kananaskis January 24 Trentham
Resonare January 15 Awapuni
Emerald Hills October 25 Trentham

1998 – 1999 11 wins

Southern Hills July 3 Avondale
Kananaskis June 24 Otaki
Kananaskis May 15 Awapuni
Delaney May 15 Rotorua
Resonare March 20 Awapuni
Emblem's Quest March 14 Pukekohe
Resonare January 16 Awapuni
Kananaskis January 16 Awapuni
Delaney January 4 Thames
Resonare January 2 Wairarapa
Shinnecock Hills November 7 Te Rapa

1997 – 1998 6 wins

Southern Hills July 8 Trentham
Shinnecock Hills May 16 Te Rapa
Delaney May 13 Avondale
Shinnecock Hills May 6 Ellerslie
Delaney February 11 Avondale
Shinnecock Hills January 24 Ellerslie

1996 – 1997 1 wins

Shinnecock Hills April 7 Avondale

1995 – 1996 1 wins

Weekend Warrior November 7 Ellerslie

1994 – 1995 2 wins

Weekend Warrior November 26 Ellerslie
Weekend Warrior November 12 Te Rapa

1993 – 1994 3 wins

Weekend Warrior April 13 Avondale
Weekend Warrior December 1 Avondale
Weekend Warrior September 15 Avondale

Our runners this week: How our trainer rates them

Lisa Latta

Lisa’s tips

Thursday at Woodville

Race 3: Lincoln’s Gal

“She has a nice barrier to use and has improved since placing in her trial at Foxton. She galloped nicely on Tuesday morning and from the draw I expect her to be right in the finish.”

Sunday at Otaki

Race 1: Dreams Of Platinum

“She does go well fresh and she’ll jump and put herself right there. But her coat’s not quite there yet and she will improve with the run.’’

Race 3: Lincoln Melody

“I’ll be happy to just see her working home strongly. It’s a good race for her to start in, against her own sex, and she’ll have a soft run with Tim (Johnson) claiming 2kg.’’

Race 7: Master Lincoln

“It’s well short of his best and I just want to see him getting home. He has a fair amount of staying ability.’’

Lincoln light

News in brief

ALMO OUT FOR SPELL: Almo Street’s much awaited racetrack return, with the aid of a blindfold to help him jump out of the gates, has been put on hold. Trainer Lisa Latta says the normally good trackworker has been decidedly average in his last two gallops and, after nearly a year in work sorting out his problems, is simply over the top.

FATHER BOLD: Father Lenihan ran a bold race fresh-up at Hawera, box-seating behind the leaders and sticking to his guns in the run home to finish just two lengths from the winner Empress Tzu Hsi in fifth spot. He was heavily backed down to second favouritism at the jump.

RAIDER ROUGHED UP: Lincoln Raider’s fresh-up run for fourth at Hastings was full of merit. He finished only 1.3 lengths from the winner at a distance well short of his best despite being crowded leaving the barriers and hampered passing the 400 metres.

AJAY ON HOLD: Ajay Lincoln’s debut has been delayed, trainer Lisa Latta scratching him from Waverley to allow him to get over a stone bruise. The promising colt had galloped in great style with Lincoln Falls and looks to have a nice future.