Our Winners

Lincoln Farms total

592 wins


Other total

80 wins


Harness winners by season

Green background: Lincoln Farms-owned horses. Grey background: Other owners.

2023 – 2024 8 wins

Frisco BayApril 12Cambridge
ArgyleMarch 30Albion Park
Lincoln La MooseMarch 21Cambridge
Leo LincolnMarch 21Cambridge
Lenny LincolnMarch 21Cambridge
Obadiah DragonMarch 12Manawatu
Lincoln LouMarch 8Auckland
ArgyleFebruary 24Albion Park

2022 – 2023 29 wins

Beaudiene Rocknroll easily at Cambridge. Beaudiene Rocknroll easily at Cambridge.
Frankie MajorDecember 31Auckland
Leo LincolnDecember 15Auckland
My CopyDecember 8Auckland
Beaudiene RocknrollDecember 7Cambridge
Captain NemoNovember 21Albion Park
Obadiah DragonNovember 13Manawatu
Lincoln RiverNovember 10Auckland
Frankie MajorOctober 19Auckland
My CopyOctober 6Auckland
ArgyleSeptember 29Albion Park
Frankie MajorSeptember 28Cambridge
Major AchievementSeptember 7Cambridge
Simply SamAugust 31Auckland
Leo LincolnAugust 10Cambridge
Lincoln RiverJuly 14Auckland
Lincoln RiverJune 29Auckland
Beaudiene RocknrollJune 3Cambridge
The Big LebowskiMay 19Auckland
Bettor CheerMay 11Cambridge
Copy ThatApril 14Cambridge
Ideal KingdomApril 14Cambridge
Onyx ShardApril 14Cambridge
Copy ThatMarch 24Auckland
Commander LincolnMarch 9Cambridge
Lincoln RiverMarch 9Cambridge
Tommy LincolnFebruary 4Albion Park
Copy ThatJanuary 21Ballarat
Tommy LincolnJanuary 21Albion Park
Captain NemoJanuary 7Albion Park

2021 – 2022 39 wins $257,958

Copy That scores back-to-back NZ Cup wins Copy That scores back-to-back NZ Cup wins
Riverman SamDecember 29Cambridge
Ideal KingdomDecember 24Cambridge
Ideal KingdomDecember 16Auckland
Copy ThatDecember 16Auckland
NeptuneDecember 16Auckland
Captain NemoDecember 13Albion Park
Copy ThatDecember 9Auckland
NeptuneNovember 24Auckland
Frankie MajorNovember 18Auckland
My CopyNovember 18Auckland
Copy ThatNovember 8Addington
My CopyOctober 28Cambridge
Copy ThatOctober 28Cambridge
Copy ThatOctober 21Auckland
Copy ThatSeptember 17Melton
Simply SamSeptember 16Shepparton
Lincoln RiverSeptember 15Auckland
ArgyleSeptember 10Melton
My CopySeptember 1Auckland
ArgyleAugust 25Cambridge
Frankie MajorJuly 21Cambridge
Simply SamJuly 15Auckland
ArgyleJuly 15Auckland
Next To MeJuly 7Cambridge
Simply SamJune 30Auckland
Riverman SamJune 23Cambridge
Simply SamJune 16Auckland
Riverman SamJune 10Auckland
Colonel LincolnJune 3Cambridge
Riverman SamJune 3Cambridge
Simply SamMay 20Auckland
ArgyleMay 12Cambridge
Frankie MajorMay 12Cambridge
Simply SamMay 5Auckland
ArgyleApril 28Cambridge
Tommy LincolnMarch 26Redcliffe
Captain NemoMarch 12Redcliffe
Louie The PunterJanuary 20Cambridge
Bet On The TigerJanuary 20Cambridge

2020 – 2021 75 wins $626,557

Copy That downs King Of Swing in the Sunshine Sprint. Copy That downs King Of Swing in the Sunshine Sprint.
Copy ThatDecember 3Auckland
Copy ThatNovember 9Addington
Copy ThatOctober 8Auckland
Captain NemoOctober 8Albion Park
Captain NemoOctober 1Albion Park
Captain NemoSeptember 24Albion Park
Tommy LincolnAugust 21Albion Park
Sugar AppleAugust 12Cambridge
Brian ChristopherAugust 12Redcliffe
Bondi ShakeAugust 11Redcliffe
Tommy LincolnAugust 7Albion Park
Franco NandorAugust 4Redcliffe
Bondi ShakeAugust 4Redcliffe
Captain NemoAugust 3Albion Park
Bondi ShakeJuly 28Redcliffe
American DealerJuly 24Albion Park
Tommy LincolnJuly 24Albion Park
Brian ChristopherJuly 21Redcliffe
Copy ThatJuly 17Albion Park
American DealerJuly 17Albion Park
American DealerJuly 10Albion Park
Tommy LincolnJuly 9Albion Park
Franco NandorJuly 8Redcliffe
Brian ChristopherJuly 7Redcliffe
Copy ThatJuly 3Albion Park
Spice It UpJuly 2Auckland
Brian ChristopherJune 30Redcliffe
Tommy LincolnJune 22Albion Park
Captain NemoJune 4Auckland
Copy ThatApril 30Auckland
Louie The PunterApril 30Auckland
Louie The PunterApril 23Auckland
Copy ThatApril 23Auckland
Tartan RobynApril 16Auckland
Tartan RobynApril 8Cambridge
Arden's HorizonMarch 26Auckland
Captain NemoMarch 16Palmerston North
Captain NemoMarch 11Cambridge
Larry LincolnMarch 6Albion Park
Copy ThatMarch 5Auckland
Larry LincolnFebruary 27Albion Park
Copy ThatFebruary 26Auckland
Bondi ShakeFebruary 23Albion Park
Larry LincolnFebruary 20Albion Park
Northview HustlerFebruary 13Albion Park
Captain NemoJanuary 14Cambridge
Copy ThatJanuary 8Cambridge
Northview HustlerJanuary 2Albion Park
Bondi ShakeDecember 22Albion Park
American DealerDecember 11Auckland
Brian ChristopherDecember 10Manawatu
Franco NandorDecember 8Manawatu
Tommy LincolnDecember 4Auckland
American DealerDecember 4Auckland
Larry LincolnNovember 17Albion Park
Bondi ShakeNovember 17Albion Park
Larry LincolnNovember 10Albion Park
Tommy LincolnOctober 30Auckland
Larry LincolnOctober 30Albion Park
Copy ThatOctober 26Ashburton
American DealerOctober 26Ashburton
Larry LincolnOctober 23Albion Park
ApieceoflouOctober 23Auckland
Man Of ActionOctober 13Albion Park
Copy ThatOctober 9Auckland
Larry LincolnSeptember 18Albion Park
American DealerSeptember 18Auckland
Copy ThatSeptember 3Auckland
Tommy LincolnSeptember 3Auckland
Northview HustlerAugust 29Albion Park
Copy ThatAugust 20Auckland
American DealerAugust 20Auckland
Copy ThatAugust 6Auckland
Tommy LincolnAugust 6Auckland
Franco NandorAugust 6Auckland

2019 – 2020 42 wins $291,558

Copy That, nearest camera, staves off One Change to win the Alabar Classic. Copy That, nearest camera, staves off One Change to win the Alabar Classic.
Tommy LincolnJuly 29Auckland
Copy ThatJuly 29Auckland
Captain NemoJuly 23Cambridge
American DealerJuly 1Auckland
Copy ThatMarch 20Addington
American DealerFebruary 28Auckland
Copy ThatFebruary 28Auckland
Man Of ActionFebruary 14Auckland
Hampton BannerFebruary 7Auckland
Make WayJanuary 30Penrith
Platinum StrideJanuary 24Auckland
Man Of ActionJanuary 10Cambridge
Double Or NothingJanuary 9Albion Park
Copy ThatDecember 14Auckland
Copy ThatDecember 6Auckland
Hampton BannerNovember 29Auckland
Make WayNovember 22Bankstown
Make WayNovember 7Penrith
Hampton BannerNovember 5Cambridge
Make WayOctober 27Menangle
Line UpOctober 25Auckland
Billy LincolnOctober 25Albion Park
Larry LincolnOctober 18Cambridge
Lindi LincolnOctober 18Cambridge
Double Or NothingOctober 18Cambridge
Make WayOctober 15Menangle
The EmpressOctober 3Cambridge
Copy ThatOctober 3Cambridge
Billy LincolnOctober 3Albion Park
Northview HustlerSeptember 28Albion Park
Double Or NothingSeptember 27Auckland
Sir TigerSeptember 27Albion Park
Billy LincolnSeptember 26Albion Park
Copy ThatSeptember 20Auckland
Line UpSeptember 13Auckland
Northview HustlerAugust 24Albion Park
VasariAugust 17Albion Park
Perfect StrideAugust 17Bendigo
VasariAugust 10Albion Park
Bettor My DreamzAugust 9Auckland
Lincoln's GirlAugust 6Albion Park
Sir TigerAugust 1Cambridge

2018 – 2019 58 wins $476,963

Make Way cruises home to win the Redcliffe Derby. Make Way cruises home to win the Redcliffe Derby.
Perfect StrideJuly 26Auckland
VasariJuly 24Redcliffe
Trojan BannerJuly 6Albion Park
Make WayJuly 5Albion Park
Just Wing ItJuly 5Auckland
The EmpressJuly 5Auckland
Perfect StrideJuly 5Auckland
Copy ThatJune 28Auckland
Make WayJune 22Redcliffe
Tommy LincolnJune 21Auckland
The EmpressJune 14Auckland
Trojan BannerJune 12Redcliffe
Copy ThatJune 7Auckland
Tommy LincolnJune 7Auckland
Sir TigerJune 6Cambridge
Northview HustlerJune 4Albion Park
Lincoln's GirlMay 31Albion Park
Northview HustlerMay 28Albion Park
Tommy LincolnMay 24Auckland
VasariMay 24Albion Park
Lincoln's GirlMay 24Albion Park
Northview HustlerMay 18Albion Park
Make WayMay 17Newcastle
Just Wing ItMay 17Auckland
Make WayMay 9Penrith
Lincoln's GirlMay 3Albion Park
Make WayApril 29Goulburn
The Bull PenApril 26Auckland
Trojan BannerApril 23Albion Park
Trojan BannerApril 12Albion Park
Lincoln's GirlApril 5Albion Park
Trojan BannerApril 5Albion Park
Governor's BayMarch 22Auckland
Trojan BannerMarch 22Albion Park
Make WayMarch 21Penrith
Trojan BannerMarch 15Albion Park
Just Wing ItMarch 6Cambridge
Recco LoverFebruary 22Auckland
Recco LoverFebruary 15Auckland
Line UpFebruary 8Auckland
Zealand StarFebruary 7Cambridge
Trojan BannerJanuary 24Cambridge
Perfect StrideJanuary 19Auckland
Zealand StarJanuary 4Cambridge
Steam PunkDecember 7Auckland
Recco LoverNovember 23Auckland
Mathew JamesNovember 9Cambridge
Make WayNovember 2Auckland
AbrahamOctober 4Cambridge
Northview HustlerSeptember 28Auckland
Make WaySeptember 21Auckland
Rupert Of LincolnAugust 30Cambridge
VasariAugust 23Shepparton
(Let's) Strike The GoldAugust 17Melton
Blue GloryAugust 16Cambridge
Lincoln RoadAugust 16Cambridge
Rupert Of LincolnAugust 16Cambridge
VasariAugust 4Melton

2017 – 2018 41 wins $744,495

KIng Of Swing wins the rich Breeders’ Crown Two-Year-Old Final at Melton in Victoria KIng Of Swing wins the rich Breeders’ Crown Two-Year-Old Final at Melton in Victoria
VasariJuly 30Melton
Lincoln RoadJuly 1Cambridge
Royal LincolnJune 29Cambridge
Lincoln's GirlJune 1Auckland
Lincoln's GirlMay 25Auckland
BesottedMay 17Gloucester Park
Spring CampaignMay 17Cambridge
Trojan BannerMay 17Cambridge
Beaudiene WesternMay 11Auckland
Make WayMay 11Auckland
Trojan BannerMay 4Auckland
BesottedApril 20Gloucester Park
(Let's) Strike The GoldApril 13Melton
(Let's) Strike The GoldApril 7Melton
Lincoln RoadApril 6Auckland
Annaliese LincolnMarch 31Hawera
(Let's) Strike The GoldMarch 28Kilmore
VasariMarch 2Melton
(Let's) Strike The GoldFebruary 21Bendigo
VasariFebruary 18Yarra Valley
Yasmine BromacFebruary 16Auckland
Beaudiene WesternFebruary 9Auckland
Lincoln RoadFebruary 9Auckland
Northview HustlerFebruary 9Auckland
VasariJanuary 26Stawell
Yankee LincolnDecember 24Cambridge
Linc's GraceDecember 6Cambridge
Lisa LincolnNovember 3Auckland
Northview HustlerOctober 27Auckland
Onedin AmethystOctober 13Auckland
King Of SwingOctober 5Cambridge
Alta Shangri LaSeptember 29Auckland
Recco LoverSeptember 22Auckland
NayaSeptember 7Cambridge
King Of SwingAugust 27Melton
Recco LoverAugust 25Auckland
Royal LincolnAugust 25Auckland
King Of SwingAugust 19Bendigo
Linc's TigerAugust 17Cambridge
Rocknroll LincolnAugust 17Cambridge
King Of SwingAugust 3Cambridge

2016 – 2017 42 wins $496,005

Northview Hustler scrapes home in the Sires’ Stakes Graduate at Auckland
Northview HustlerJuly 28Auckland
Spring CampaignJuly 21Auckland
Alta IntrigueJuly 21Auckland
King Of SwingJuly 21Auckland
Rocknroll LincolnJuly 16Cambridge
Alta Shangri LaJuly 14Auckland
Royal LincolnJuly 14Auckland
VasariJuly 7Auckland
Northview HustlerJune 30Auckland
Lincolns DelightJune 23Auckland
(Let's) Strike The GoldJune 12Fairfield
King Of SwingJune 9Auckland
Best ShotJune 8Cambridge
Royal LincolnJune 2Auckland
King Of SwingMay 26Auckland
Sky DiamondMay 18Cambridge
Northview HustlerApril 21Auckland
(Shesa) Killer QueenApril 18Menangle
Onedin AmethystApril 13Cambridge
King Of RockApril 7Auckland
Sky DiamondMarch 31Manawatu
Northview HustlerFebruary 24Auckland
(Let's) Strike The GoldFebruary 21Menangle
(Shesa) Killer QueenFebruary 14Menangle
Alta IntrigueFebruary 10Auckland
Rocknroll LincolnJanuary 13Cambridge
Rocknroll LincolnDecember 30Cambridge
(Let's) Strike The GoldDecember 23Penrith
Northview HustlerDecember 22Auckland
(Let's) Strike The GoldDecember 13Menangle
Strike The GoldDecember 2Auckland
Strike The GoldNovember 4Auckland
VasariOctober 28Auckland
Lincolns KeepsakeOctober 11Manawatu
Killer QueenOctober 7Auckland
Spring CampaignSeptember 16Auckland
ThephantomtollboothAugust 18Cambridge
Spring CampaignAugust 12Auckland
Killer QueenAugust 12Auckland
Zach MaguireAugust 12Auckland
Lincolns KeepsakeAugust 4Cambridge
ThephantomtollboothAugust 4Cambridge

2015 – 2016 28 wins $396,089

Alta Intrigue takes the first Young Guns heat of the season
Zach MaguireJuly 29Auckland
Zach MaguireJuly 10Cambridge
Reine Des GitansJuly 1Auckland
Perfect StormJuly 1Auckland
Like A HurricaneJune 3Auckland
Like A HurricaneMay 6Auckland
Awesome DudeMay 5Cambridge
VasariApril 29Addington
Reins Des GitansApril 25Cambridge
Angus FoggApril 25Cambridge
VasariMarch 24Cambridge
Perfect StormFebruary 12Auckland
Alta IntrigueDecember 18Auckland
Ideal QuestDecember 17Cambridge
Killer QueenDecember 11Auckland
VasariDecember 4Auckland
Alta IntrigueNovember 27Auckland
Killer QueenOctober 30Auckland
Zach MaguireOctober 9Auckland
Reins Des GitansOctober 9Auckland
BesottedOctober 9Auckland
Designer ArdenOctober 8Cambridge
Ideal QuestOctober 8Cambridge
Beaudiene BeaufightaOctober 1Auckland
Lincolns KeepsakeSeptember 25Cambridge
Tuapeka SkySeptember 18Auckland
Lincolns KeepsakeSeptember 10Cambridge
Killer QueenAugust 14Auckland

2014 – 2015 13 wins $205,207

Strike The Gold and Chachingchaching quinella the fourth Sires’ Stakes heat at Auckland
ChachingchachingJune 12Auckland
Zach MaguireJune 5Auckland
ChachingchachingMay 8Auckland
ChachingchachingApril 10Auckland
Killer QueenApril 2Cambridge
Strike The GoldMarch 6Auckland
ChachingchachingJanuary 23Auckland
Starlight BrigadeNovember 16Cambridge
Lincolns MegastarNovember 14Auckland
Lincolns MegastarNovember 7Auckland
Strike The GoldOctober 17Auckland
Strike The GoldOctober 10Auckland
Starlight BrigadeSeptember 25Cambridge

2013 – 2014 21 wins $394,648

Beaudiene Boaz stages a big upset in the Two-Year-Old Emerald at Cambridge Beaudiene Boaz stages a big upset in the Two-Year-Old Emerald at Cambridge
Ideal QuestJuly 4Cambridge
Beaudiene BoazMay 31Cambridge
BesottedMay 2Auckland
Beaudiene BoazApril 25Auckland
Strike The GoldApril 25Auckland
Major OuchMarch 30Taranaki
ChachingchachingMarch 20Cambridge
Major OuchMarch 4Pukekohe
ChachingchachingFebruary 28Auckland
Medley MooseFebruary 14Auckland
Beaudiene BoazFebruary 14Auckland
ChachingchachingDecember 31Auckland
Medley MooseDecember 20Auckland
BesottedNovember 29Auckland
Hawkeye BromacNovember 1Auckland
Medley MooseOctober 25Auckland
BesottedOctober 18Auckland
BesottedOctober 11Auckland
Lincolns MegastarOctober 11Auckland
Lincolns MegastarSeptember 20Auckland
BesottedAugust 2Auckland

2012 – 2013 15 wins $140,396

Sir Lincoln all the way in the Spring Cup
BesottedJuly 26Auckland
Lincolns MegastarJuly 26Auckland
ImhisdaughterJuly 25Cambridge
ImhisdaughterJuly 12Auckland
BesottedJuly 5Auckland
Lincolns MegastarJune 14Auckland
Hawkeye BromacMay 5Auckland
Nimble JackMarch 21Cambridge
Nimble JackFebruary 8Auckland
Sir LincolnJanuary 25Auckland
Nimble JackJanuary 25Auckland
Medley MooseNovember 30Auckland
MexicanoNovember 2Addington
Sir LincolnSeptember 21Auckland

2011 – 2012 27 wins $506,293

Maurice McKendry rates Sir Lincoln perfectly to lead all the way in the Auckland Cup, downing Terror To Love. Maurice McKendry rates Sir Lincoln perfectly to lead all the way in the Auckland Cup, downing Terror To Love.
Sir LincolnJune 22Auckland
BesottedJune 15Auckland
BesottedApril 27Auckland
BesottedApril 20Auckland
BesottedMarch 22Cambridge
Sir LincolnMarch 9Auckland
Sir LincolnMarch 2Auckland
You RockMarch 1Addington
Sir LincolnFebruary 11Ashburton
Bernie MaguireFebruary 10Auckland
Sir LincolnFebruary 4Addington
Sir LincolnDecember 31Auckland
Sir LincolnDecember 9Auckland
You RockDecember 9Auckland
MexicanoDecember 2Auckland
You RockNovember 11Auckland
You RockOctober 28Auckland
Fusion PowerOctober 22Auckland
Bernie MaguireSeptember 29Cambridge
BesottedSeptember 16Auckland
Major OuchSeptember 8Auckland
Sir LincolnSeptember 2Auckland
BesottedSeptember 2Auckland
Major OuchAugust 12Auckland
Indigo JoeAugust 5Auckland
Major OuchAugust 5Auckland
Royal AffairAugust 5Auckland

2010 – 2011 16 wins $100,091

Indigo JoeJuly 29Auckland
You RockJuly 28Cambridge
Sir LincolnJuly 15Auckland
Fusion PowerJune 30Cambridge
Another GladiatorJune 21Auckland
The DipJune 21Auckland
Sir LincolnJune 10Auckland
You RockJune 7Cambridge
Pay Me BroJune 7Cambridge
RommelMay 27Auckland
Sir LincolnMay 13Auckland
Pay Me BroMay 12Cambridge
BesottedApril 7Cambridge
Clyde MaguireNovember 12Auckland
Major OuchOctober 22Auckland
ValeoSeptember 30Cambridge

2009 – 2010 23 wins $480,240

Sir LincolnJune 29Melton
Sir LincolnJune 5Cambridge
He's My HeroApril 16Auckland
Bute PacerMarch 19Auckland
Correct ProtocolMarch 2Auckland
Sir LincolnJanuary 8Cambridge
CC StarJanuary 5Ruakaka
Badlands BromacNovember 20Cambridge
Sir LincolnNovember 10Addington
Sir LincolnOctober 23Auckland
BK CommandoOctober 23Auckland
He's My HeroOctober 16Auckland
Sir LincolnOctober 16Auckland
Maheer MajorOctober 1Cambridge
Bute PacerOctober 1Cambridge
Badlands BromacSeptember 17Cambridge
Sir LincolnSeptember 11Auckland
Sir LincolnSeptember 4Auckland
Bute BrotherSeptember 4Auckland
Badlands BromacSeptember 4Auckland
Roll On Red RiverAugust 20Cambridge
Badlands BromacAugust 7Auckland
Maheer MajorAugust 7Auckland

2008 – 2009 17 wins $246,986

Galleons SunsetJune 12Auckland
CC StarMay 5Auckland
He's My HeroMay 1Auckland
He's My HeroApril 24Auckland
He's My HeroApril 17Auckland
Galleons SunsetApril 17Auckland
He's My HeroApril 3Auckland
Bute BrotherApril 3Auckland
Galleons SunsetMarch 20Auckland
He's My HeroMarch 13Auckland
Galleons SunsetFebruary 20Auckland
Maheer MajorJanuary 23Auckland
Roll On Red RiverDecember 5Auckland
Tuapeka TizOctober 31Auckland
He's My HeroOctober 31Auckland
BK CommandoOctober 17Auckland
Watt A GetawayAugust 1Auckland

2007 – 2008 23 wins $598,978

Roll On Red RiverJune 20Auckland
Watt A GetawayJune 17Auckland
Roll On Red RiverJune 6Auckland
BK CommandoJune 6Auckland
He's My HeroApril 11Auckland
Justa TigerMarch 14Auckland
Tuapeka TizMarch 7Auckland
Galleons SunsetMarch 1Moonee Valley
Cast AdriftFebruary 29Auckland
Cast AdriftFebruary 15Auckland
Tuapeka TizFebruary 15Auckland
Cody BanksJanuary 25Auckland
Justa TigerJanuary 25Auckland
Justa TigerJanuary 18Auckland
He's My HeroJanuary 4Cambridge
Cast AdriftDecember 31Auckland
Justa TigerDecember 21Auckland
Galleons SunsetDecember 15Moonee Valley
Cody BanksDecember 7Auckland
Justa TigerNovember 30Auckland
Justa TigerNovember 16Auckland
Cody BanksOctober 19Auckland
Justa TigerAugust 3Auckland

2006 – 2007 24 wins $337,058

Justa TigerJuly 20Auckland
Lively RoyceJuly 20Auckland
Galleons SunsetJune 8Auckland
Christian SpiritMay 18Auckland
Christian SpiritMay 11Auckland
Christian SpiritMay 4Auckland
Cody BanksApril 27Auckland
Galleons SunsetApril 20Auckland
Christian SpiritMarch 23Auckland
Cody BanksMarch 16Auckland
Badlands ButeFebruary 16Auckland
Christian SpiritFebruary 16Auckland
Tuapeka TizFebruary 9Auckland
Christian SpiritJanuary 26Auckland
Tuapeka TizJanuary 19Cambridge
Elite LadJanuary 4Ruakaka
Justa TigerDecember 31Auckland
Cast AdriftDecember 1Auckland
What Ever You LikeNovember 9Cambridge
Caesars ArtOctober 20Auckland
Murillo BromacSeptember 29Auckland
Caesars ArtSeptember 22Auckland
Badlands ButeAugust 18Auckland
Badlands ButeAugust 4Auckland

2005 – 2006 20 wins $426,466

Brooklyn GuyJuly 13Cambridge
Mister MJuly 7Auckland
Galleons SunsetJune 9Auckland
Brooklyn GuyMay 19Auckland
Galleons SunsetMay 19Auckland
Galleons SunsetApril 28Auckland
RedlandsApril 20Manawatu
Christian SpiritMarch 24Auckland
Galleons SunsetMarch 10Auckland
ReunionMarch 7Auckland
Badabing BadaboomMarch 3Auckland
Cast AdriftMarch 3Auckland
Galleons SunsetFebruary 17Auckland
Galleons SunsetJanuary 20Cambridge
Christian SpiritDecember 2Auckland
Christian SpiritNovember 11Auckland
Beach RomanceNovember 4Auckland
Badabing BadaboomOctober 21Auckland
My ChavoSeptember 9Auckland
My ChavoAugust 5Auckland

2004 – 2005 29 wins $520,464

Big AlJuly 28Auckland
Badlands ButeJuly 22Auckland
Badlands ButeJune 24Gold Coast
Live To ReignJune 10Auckland
No ShortcutzApril 29Auckland
Jay Bees BlackjackApril 22Auckland
Badlands ButeApril 15Addington
Attorney GeneralApril 1Addington
No ShortcutzMarch 31Auckland
Badlands ButeMarch 31Auckland
Badlands ButeMarch 4Auckland
Monarch Of The GlenFebruary 4Otaki
Badabing BadaboomFebruary 3Auckland
Badabing BadaboomJanuary 28Auckland
Live To ReignJanuary 7Cambridge
No ShortcutzDecember 31Auckland
Monarch Of The GlenDecember 30Cambridge
Badlands ButeDecember 17Auckland
Live To ReignDecember 10Auckland
Attorney GeneralNovember 26Auckland
No ShortcutzNovember 26Auckland
Live To ReignNovember 18Auckland
Derek BromacNovember 18Auckland
Attorney GeneralNovember 9Addington
PleiadesNovember 5Addington
Badlands ButeOctober 22Auckland
PleiadesSeptember 19Timaru
Beach RomanceSeptember 2Auckland
Badlands ButeSeptember 2Auckland

2003 – 2004 14 wins $158,059

Attorney GeneralMay 21Auckland
No ShortcutzApril 30Auckland
Derek BromacApril 23Auckland
Derek BromacMarch 18Auckland
Derek BromacMarch 4Cambridge
Monarch Of The GlenFebruary 27Wanganui
Badlands ButeFebruary 20Cambridge
Badlands ButeFebruary 12Auckland
Monarch Of The GlenFebruary 1Otaki
Derek BromacJanuary 29Auckland
Derek BromacDecember 31Auckland
Monarch Of The GlenDecember 21Ruakaka
Monarch Of The GlenNovember 21Taranaki
Sempre VeloceOctober 31Addington

2002 – 2003 10 wins $89,164

Beach RomanceJuly 24Auckland
Beach RomanceJuly 17Auckland
Attorney GeneralJune 20Auckland
Attorney GeneralJune 6Auckland
Sempre VeloceMarch 27Auckland
Steady MotoringJanuary 30Auckland
Falcon ForteNovember 29Auckland
Attorney GeneralOctober 11Auckland
Attorney GeneralOctober 3Auckland
Attorney GeneralSeptember 6Auckland

2001 – 2002 8 wins $67,770

JimeoinJanuary 31Auckland
Sempre VeloceNovember 30Auckland
Sempre VeloceNovember 1Auckland
Falcon ForteNovember 1Auckland
VersaceOctober 26Auckland
VersaceOctober 5Auckland
Sempre VeloceSeptember 21Auckland
VersaceSeptember 21Auckland

2000 – 2001 11 wins $70,806

VersaceMay 3Auckland
Sempre VeloceApril 12Auckland
VersaceMarch 23Auckland
Sempre VeloceMarch 2Auckland
J D's AtomJanuary 26Auckland
VersaceSeptember 22Auckland
Cool Hand RoyceSeptember 22Auckland
GriecoSeptember 8Cambridge
VersaceAugust 18Auckland
VersaceAugust 10Auckland
J D's AtomAugust 10Auckland

1999 – 2000 12 wins $88,724

GriecoJuly 27Auckland
TabacJuly 7Auckland
TabacMay 26Auckland
IzitagunMay 26Auckland
IzitagunMay 11Auckland
Cool Hand RoyceMarch 31Auckland
Cool Hand RoyceMarch 24Auckland
J D's AtomMarch 3Auckland
Cool Hand RoyceJanuary 21Auckland
Pot BlackDecember 23Auckland
TabacNovember 26Auckland
Smooth LatinNovember 18Auckland

1998 – 1999 7 wins $33,402

Smooth LatinJuly 30Auckland
Smooth LatinJune 18Auckland
Pot BlackApril 9Auckland
Pot BlackApril 1Auckland
IzitagunFebruary 6Auckland
Pot BlackNovember 7Auckland

1997 – 1998 4 wins $57,360

BrocketsbraeMarch 6Auckland
BrocketsbraeFebruary 13Cambridge
BrocketsbraeJanuary 9Auckland
BrocketsbraeAugust 8Auckland

1996 – 1997 1 wins $8,470

BrocketsbraeJune 20Auckland

1995 – 1996 2 wins $15,550

BrocketsbraeMarch 30Cambridge
BrocketsbraeFebruary 2Auckland

1994 – 1995 3 wins $38,040

BrocketsbraeNovember 25Auckland
BrocketsbraeOctober 14Auckland
BrocketsbraeSeptember 10Auckland

1993 – 1994 3 wins $31,390

Franco's NotionMarch 4Auckland
Franco's NotionFebruary 19Auckland
Franco's NotionJanuary 26Hutt Park

1992 – 1993 2 wins $14,805

Franco's NotionFebruary 27Auckland
Franco's NotionNovember 27Auckland

1991 – 1992 0 wins $39,800

1990 – 1991 1 wins $4,031

Perfect GuestMay 9Claudelands

1989 – 1990 2 wins $12,522

Perfect GuestNovember 24Auckland
Perfect GuestNovember 17Auckland

1988 – 1989 1 wins $6,025

VindicatorJuly 14Auckland

1987 – 1988 0 wins $4,204

1986 – 1987 1 wins $3,405

Agent OrangeJuly 17Auckland

1984 – 1985 0 wins $330

Our runners this week

Saturday night at Albion Park

Captain Nemo.

Our runners this week: How our trainers rate them

Ray Green

Ray’s comments

Thursday night at Cambridge

Race 1: Major Achievement

“It’s his first race for a while and he hasn’t been setting the world on fire at the workouts. But he’s been racing better animals and this isn’t a stellar bunch. He’s a chance if things go his way. I’ve given Mathew Salaivao the drive.”

Race 1: Commander Lincoln

“He’s an average horse but the last time he raced here in amateur company he all but won. He’ll need luck from the second row but, while I couldn’t label him, he’s a runner’s chance.”

Race 5: Onyx Shard

“She got a bit sick for a while with a virus and I had to back off her. She seems over that now but I’m picking she’ll need a race. This will be like a glorified trial for her.”

Race 8: My Copy

“He came to the end of it so I gave him a little freshen-up and he seems in good shape again. It will be interesting to see how he goes fresh - he may need a race but he’ll appreciate the step-down in class. I’m running him here so he doesn’t come up against any bear cats first-up.”

Race 9: Lincoln Cove

“Hopefully he’s getting better but you’ve just got to take him on trust. He has ability but the desire has been sadly lacking. Zac will have to sit quietly on him as he broke when given only one tap with the stick last time. The small field will suit him as he won’t be too far off them. If he doesn’t make any mistakes, he’ll give them a fright.”

Ray Green

Ray’s comments

Friday night at Auckland

Race 3: Leo Lincoln

“Maurice said he would have finished a lot closer last time than sixth (fourth or even third) had he not locked wheels at the 100. That took all his momentum away. He’s been holding his form well and he gets out well enough to use the inside draw. He’s a chance to get some of the money.”

Race 5: Sugar Ray Lincoln

“He did have marks on his boot after his last run and trying a spreader on him has helped. But he’s a real baby. He has real ability but he’s still developing mentally and physically and we’re still finding our way with him.”

Race 5: Lincoln Lou

“He’s racing well but he’ll find it tough from the outside draw.”

Race 6: Debbie Lincoln

“I can’t see her improving enough to give the Purdon/Phelan trio a fright. She can go (fast) enough but still has a lot to learn. The main thing for her is getting round safely. She’s put two in a row now so hopefully she’ll start improving.”

Race 10: Lincoln La Moose

“He had an excuse last time - he got wiped out on the first corner and that was the end of his race. I like him, he’s a nice horse, just not quite as experienced as Frisco Bay.”

Race 10: Frisco Bay

“I lean towards Frisky as the better chance of our two. You can’t fault what he did the other night at Cambridge, and he seems to be on the improve. He’s more reliable than Lincoln La Moose.”

Whales Harness