Al just has some tinkering to do with Billy then he’ll be winning them in a row

Billy Lincoln did a bit wrong but still showed in easily taking his trial at Albion Park yesterday that he is a winner-in-waiting.

The latest recruit to Lincoln Farms’ Queensland team with Al Barnes completely dominated his 1660 metre heat, getting home by 8.4 metres in a mile rate of 1:57.5.

The three-year-old wasn’t rushed out from the pole by driver Hayden Barnes who took an early trail behind Delight Of Rani, before going round to lead a couple of hundred metres later.

Billy Lincoln paced strongly throughout, easing out to a four length lead 400 metres from home, and was untested in the straight to win comfortably.

Billy Lincoln … out on his own and cruising for driver Hayden Barnes.Billy Lincoln … out on his own and cruising for driver Hayden Barnes.“He went 1:57 easily and his fitness can improve too so he’ll be winning first-up in a couple of weeks,” says Barnes.

“We’ve just got some fine tuning to do first. He paced a bit roughly on the first and last turn when he got on his knee a bit and Hayden had to grab hold. You could see marks high up on his knee boot.

“He’s a big, dopey bugger who is quite green but on what he showed today he will reel off a nice mile. He’ll go 1:55 and will certainly string a few (wins) together.

“But he’s still growing - he’s a bit gappy in the joints - and we won’t see him bloom until he’s a late three-year-old or four-year-old.

“He’ll keep trialling until he’s doing things right but he should be at the races in a few weeks.”

Billy Lincoln ran home his last 800 metres in 57.9 and 400 in 29.

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Ray Green

Ray’s comments

Friday night at Cambridge

Race 3: Lincoln Lou

“He’s a beautiful little horse and I’m looking forward to seeing him run. It’s hard to know how good he is, or how far he’ll go, but I guess we’ll find out on Friday. He’s the one to beat from the draw. If he doesn’t win, he won’t be far away.”

Race 5: Commander Lincoln

“I won’t be holding my breath. He tries hard enough but he lacks a bit of high speed.”

Race 8: Onyx Shard

“It’s two and a half months since she last raced, and she didn’t grow as much as I thought she would, but I’m expecting her to go a good race. Her last two trials have been good and she’s pulled up well.”

Race 8: Obadiah Dragon

“He’ll need a good trip from five but he’s not out of it. He went a good race last time at Cambridge and would be as equal a chance as Onxy Shard.”

Race 8: Beaudiene Rocknroll

“It’s heart-in-the-mouth stuff with him until they let them go but he should step away this time. Zac (Butcher) said the gate went particularly slowly before that race and that’s why he got impatient. I thought he did well to recover for third. If he made the front, where he goes best, he’d be hard to beat.”

Race 9: Frisco Bay

“He’s a tidy horse and I’m expecting a big run. We’ve sorted the problem he had with his breathing last season and he’s right in the zone now after a second and a win at the workouts.”

Mark Dux

Mark Dux’s comments

Saturday night at Albion Park

Race 5: Argyle
11.02pm NZ time

“It wouldn’t have mattered where he drew this week, he’s in the money, barring bad luck. He’s going terrific and he gets in so well at the ratings.”

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