Argyle (6) is collared right on the line by Blackjack Bart, widest.

Argyle deserves a win, Nemo too, as Mark rues how bad daws have undermined the formlines

Argyle, cruelly denied a win in the last stride at Albion Park last week, gets another chance on Saturday night, albeit from a second row draw.

Argyle looked to be holding all challengers in the run home last week after doing a mountain of work and it was so close at the finish even commentator Chris Barsby got it wrong, calling the four-year-old in first.

But a flashing late run wide out by Blackjack Bart stole the race from Lincoln Farms’ owners who had to be content with their third runners-up cheque on end.

After being three wide to the death, trainer Mark Dux suspected driver Angus Garrard might have forced a slightly too fast third quarter of 28.04.

“But Angus thought when he pulled the plugs the horse pricked his ears and half waited for them. He still raced well given all the work he did.”

Dux is hoping Garrard can get a good run through from the second line on Saturday night and finish in the money again.

“This is a reasonably decent field - the New South Wales horse Saint Crusader is the likely favourite and the one horse, Rosberg, got home really strongly last week - but he’ll be more than competitive.

“It will come down to the trip. If he gets a good trip he’ll be in the thick end of it but we know he can also do a bit of work. He won’t disgrace himself.”

Captain Nemo is racing well but driver Angus Garrard will need luck. PHOTO: Dan Costello.Captain Nemo is racing well but driver Angus Garrard will need luck. PHOTO: Dan Costello.Tricky draw

Dux was happy to see Captain Nemo draw four in the following race but, frustratingly, just when the horse finally gets an improved alley, he says he won’t have the speed to cross.

“I sound like a broken record but he’s just had no luck with his draws.”

In his last seven starts Nemo has started from two on the second row, five on the second row, one on the second row, seven, one on the second row, seven and four on the second row.

“If he wasn’t going any good you’d be worried but he actually is. But there’s too much speed inside him on Saturday night for him to lead. We’ll play it by ear off the gate. I don’t know where we’ll end up.”

Under normal circumstances Dux says the talented Teddy Disco might have been happy to sit parked, potentially giving Nemo cover.

“But he’s back after long lay-off - he’s had a few issues - and they probably wont want to sit parked first-up.”

Dux blames himself for possibly costing Nemo a placing last week.

“We could have been three fence but I told Angus if we go there, we couldn’t possibly win.

“I said he’s going well enough to win, so stay out and give him his chance. If they go silly early, we’ll be strong at the finish, so don’t be jammed up on the fence.

“But it didn’t work out like that, they came out, went 100 yards and all grabbed up.

“And after they walked through the first half he had no chance, coming wide when they sprinted.”

Dux says Nemo’s formline misrepresents how well he’s racing.

“I’m really happy with him and he’s done well since his last run.”

* Dux reports Tommy Lincoln is doing well in a new preparation and will trial at Albion Park on Monday.

Argyle races at 9.45pm NZ time at Albion Park on Saturday night.Argyle races at 9.45pm NZ time at Albion Park on Saturday night.Captain Nemo races at 10.18pm NZ time at Albion Park on Saturday night.Captain Nemo races at 10.18pm NZ time at Albion Park on Saturday night.

Our runners this week

Saturday night at Albion Park

Captain Nemo.

Our runners this week: How our trainers rate them

Ray Green

Ray’s comments

Thursday night at Cambridge

Race 1: Major Achievement

“It’s his first race for a while and he hasn’t been setting the world on fire at the workouts. But he’s been racing better animals and this isn’t a stellar bunch. He’s a chance if things go his way. I’ve given Mathew Salaivao the drive.”

Race 1: Commander Lincoln

“He’s an average horse but the last time he raced here in amateur company he all but won. He’ll need luck from the second row but, while I couldn’t label him, he’s a runner’s chance.”

Race 5: Onyx Shard

“She got a bit sick for a while with a virus and I had to back off her. She seems over that now but I’m picking she’ll need a race. This will be like a glorified trial for her.”

Race 8: My Copy

“He came to the end of it so I gave him a little freshen-up and he seems in good shape again. It will be interesting to see how he goes fresh - he may need a race but he’ll appreciate the step-down in class. I’m running him here so he doesn’t come up against any bear cats first-up.”

Race 9: Lincoln Cove

“Hopefully he’s getting better but you’ve just got to take him on trust. He has ability but the desire has been sadly lacking. Zac will have to sit quietly on him as he broke when given only one tap with the stick last time. The small field will suit him as he won’t be too far off them. If he doesn’t make any mistakes, he’ll give them a fright.”

Ray Green

Ray’s comments

Friday night at Auckland

Race 3: Leo Lincoln

“Maurice said he would have finished a lot closer last time than sixth (fourth or even third) had he not locked wheels at the 100. That took all his momentum away. He’s been holding his form well and he gets out well enough to use the inside draw. He’s a chance to get some of the money.”

Race 5: Sugar Ray Lincoln

“He did have marks on his boot after his last run and trying a spreader on him has helped. But he’s a real baby. He has real ability but he’s still developing mentally and physically and we’re still finding our way with him.”

Race 5: Lincoln Lou

“He’s racing well but he’ll find it tough from the outside draw.”

Race 6: Debbie Lincoln

“I can’t see her improving enough to give the Purdon/Phelan trio a fright. She can go (fast) enough but still has a lot to learn. The main thing for her is getting round safely. She’s put two in a row now so hopefully she’ll start improving.”

Race 10: Lincoln La Moose

“He had an excuse last time - he got wiped out on the first corner and that was the end of his race. I like him, he’s a nice horse, just not quite as experienced as Frisco Bay.”

Race 10: Frisco Bay

“I lean towards Frisky as the better chance of our two. You can’t fault what he did the other night at Cambridge, and he seems to be on the improve. He’s more reliable than Lincoln La Moose.”

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