Bondi Shake’s foot looks ugly but he’s completely recovered from a nasty infection.

Shake will rattle and roll from awful draw on Tuesday and hope for some overdue luck

He might have an ugly looking hoof but that won’t stop Bondi Shake from hot footing it out of the gate at Albion Park on Tuesday night.

Lincoln Farms’ three-year-old hasn’t stopped improving since he recovered from a foot infection and has gone to the line untested in this last two starts, unable to find a gap.

At Albion Park last Tuesday, he became trapped in the one-one and only needed some luck in the run home to reward his followers at odds of $51.

“He’s busting to win a race,” says trainer Al Barnes. “It’s just a shame he’s got such a horrible draw on Tuesday.”

Bondi Shake (3) is snookered right in behind the leaders after being unable to get clear in the run home when full of running.Bondi Shake (3) is snookered right in behind the leaders after being unable to get clear in the run home when full of running.Drawn the outside of the arm, Barnes says Bondi Shake will be out of the race over only a mile if he goes back so you can expect his son Hayden to chance his arm at the start.

“We’ll just go out hard and see where we end up. He just needs an ounce of luck to be competitive.”

Barnes had to cut a massive chunk of Bondi Shake’s foot away, all dead and rotten from the infection which stopped him in March.

“His foot’s not pretty but I had to clean it all up and ended up cutting about a quarter of it away.

“But it shouldn’t worry him while it grows back, it’s not raw, it’s just like cutting back a long fingernail.”

Barnes says Bondi Shake is working well and feeling good and is starting to develop into a nice horse.

“He’s showing a lot more strength - after being used up early he’s still getting home well.

“He can run a high 26 out of the gate - he’s learning how to use his gate speed - and he’s in a field that he could beat if he’d drawn better.

“It’s a similar quality field to last time but the New Zealand import Hemsworth looks like he could be good.”

Hemsworth, a last start winner at Gore in March for trainer Kirk Larsen, won a 1660 metre trial at Albion Park on May 18 in a mile rate of 1:55.8.

But drawn the inside of the second row on Tuesday he too will need some luck.

Bondi Shake races at 5.12pm NZ time at Albion Park on Tuesday.Bondi Shake races at 5.12pm NZ time at Albion Park on Tuesday.

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Ray Green

Ray’s comments

Friday night at Cambridge

Race 3: Lincoln Lou

“He’s a beautiful little horse and I’m looking forward to seeing him run. It’s hard to know how good he is, or how far he’ll go, but I guess we’ll find out on Friday. He’s the one to beat from the draw. If he doesn’t win, he won’t be far away.”

Race 5: Commander Lincoln

“I won’t be holding my breath. He tries hard enough but he lacks a bit of high speed.”

Race 8: Onyx Shard

“It’s two and a half months since she last raced, and she didn’t grow as much as I thought she would, but I’m expecting her to go a good race. Her last two trials have been good and she’s pulled up well.”

Race 8: Obadiah Dragon

“He’ll need a good trip from five but he’s not out of it. He went a good race last time at Cambridge and would be as equal a chance as Onxy Shard.”

Race 8: Beaudiene Rocknroll

“It’s heart-in-the-mouth stuff with him until they let them go but he should step away this time. Zac (Butcher) said the gate went particularly slowly before that race and that’s why he got impatient. I thought he did well to recover for third. If he made the front, where he goes best, he’d be hard to beat.”

Race 9: Frisco Bay

“He’s a tidy horse and I’m expecting a big run. We’ve sorted the problem he had with his breathing last season and he’s right in the zone now after a second and a win at the workouts.”

Mark Dux

Mark Dux’s comments

Saturday night at Albion Park

Race 5: Argyle
11.02pm NZ time

“It wouldn’t have mattered where he drew this week, he’s in the money, barring bad luck. He’s going terrific and he gets in so well at the ratings.”

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